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Bringing You the Shopping Revolution


This beautiful and magnanimous building set in the backdrop of the serene and picturesque landscape of Quetta brings with it the next level of shopping splendour. Glittering as a solitaire diamond set in gold, Millennium Mall is poised to become the one stop solution to all business and shopping activities. Aesthetically designed, this modern masterpiece reflects deeply the grand image envisioned for it by Bolan Builders and Developers.

An intricate glance at the exterior reflects sleek lines, smooth contours and a captivating architectural style, Millennium Mall truly features a classy exterior creating an aura of elegance – one cannot help but want to explore it.

The philosophy behind bringing Millennium Mall to Quetta is to provide a large modern and purposeful platform equipped with all the modern day facilities to the city’s commercial industry and provide the general public with a completely revolutionized shopping experience for all and the much desired friendly family environment, taking shopping to the next level.

Stylishly designed, it has been built to provide complete comfort and convenience while offering a revolutionary shopping experience. The atrium offers breathtaking views of natural sunlight, as it filters down the beautiful enclosed skylight roof, enhancing the beauty of Millennium Mall and letting you experience the changing moods of the passing day.




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